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Psychological counseling  is a form of help, offered to people dealing with so called developmental crisis, adaptation difficulties,  and accumulation of life events. Consultations take place in  the form of several meetings whose main purpose is to identify the problem and searching for ways to solve it. Old beliefs will not lead you  to new solutions.
INVESTMENT 80 pln/60 min

Psychological counseling for parents  is a cycle of meetings with parents, which goal is to understand eachother feelings, thoughts and needs, to efficently solve every family problem.
INVESTMENT  80 pln/60 min

poradnia psychologiczna dla dzieci Lublin

Educational Workshops  for parents, grandparents and the closest environment of a child. Workshops are hold at a special request and can deal with issues:

  • Get to know the world A D H D –  classes addressed to parents of hyperactive children.Focus  on meeting and understanding the kid’s world. A D H D .  Experience on himself, what are his difficulties and learn effective methods to work with a child.

  • Palette of alternatives – workshops aimed at parents who want to teach their children the skills of making sound decisions and creative problem solving.

  • Anger control training – classes to meet and understand human emotions and to acquire skills to deal with anger and aggressive behavior in children and adolescents.

  • Mind map and other creative learning methods – presenting ways to show your child effective learning methods. During the workshop you will learn many creative learning methods. You will learn thinking patterns that support the process of acquiring new knowledge.


Individual psychological consultationsis comprehensive psychological support services provided in the development, correction and professional area. The meetings are directed to people experiencing a crisis in their lives, a lack of trust in their partner, or a lack of feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Consultations help solve immediate personal problems and life crises. They teach how to manage stress and use their personal talents to the full. They show methods of better functioning in life, shaping positive thinking and an optimistic attitude. Individual psychological consultations are intended primarily for people who:

  • live in constant stress,

  • have difficulties building relationships,

  • experience sadness and disappointment in life,

  • cannot make their own decisions,

  • experience lack of goal in life,

  • have problem dealing with changes,

  • cannot handle lack of time and excess of duties,

  • want to grow, make their dreams come true. 

INVESTMENT 80 pln/60 min

Psychological counseling  for couples/par

cycle of meeting for people having a relationship crisis feeling disappointed. It’s goal is to understand eachothers feelings, thoughts  and needs,it’s to  successfully solve mutual problems  in marital or  partnership relationship.The main emphasis of therapy is on  learning and  understanding problems and crises in a relationship and finding effective methods  to solve them;
INVESTMENT 100 pln/60 min

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